About the Artist 
I’ve always drawn people– in pencil, pastel and later, oil. Now I create figurative paintings that tell a story and much of my inspiration comes from the stars. I imagine the Pleiades (Seven Sisters) at play, a procession of constellations, and a series of whimsical moons. The night sky never fails to inspire me and my current series reflects some of the stories of the heavens as drawn from mythology, the Bible and my imagination. 

Working primarily in oils, I enhance my paintings with metal leaf, music and maps. Family, friends and imaginary characters are all incorporated into my work. To further the original idea, I may use found objects to build a frame or add collage – all to create a cohesive whole. 

I’m thankful for the chance to explore my artistic gifts and glad to be in the company of artists in my home life as well as professionally. It all started with my grandmother whose encouraging words have stuck with me for a lifetime. And though I may not specifically say it in my work, I paint for the keeper of the stars and hope to draw others to the ultimate Creator.  

After years in advertising, Shannon Casey now tells her stories in oil and charcoal. She studied Journalism and Studio Art at Kent State University and portrait painting with Joseph Cintron at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Her work has been included in many local exhibitions and juried shows in Northeast Ohio including the Cleveland Botanical Garden, Summit ArtSpace in Akron, Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation and outdoor shows like Hudson's Art on the Green and Yankee Peddler Festival. 


Whimsical and figurative art